Diet Free Life Coach Certification
Diet Free Life Coach Certification

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Become a Certified Diet Free Life Coach today and Help Others as a Life Coach, Nutritionist and Fitness Specialist!

As a Certified Diet Free Life Coach you are automatically registered as a Provider for our eight-week course. In addition to being a Provider you can offer private nutrition and weight loss coaching.

Diet Free Life Coaching Certification provides you with a proven system for helping people be successful with their weight loss and wellness goals. During the certification process you will learn how to help people improve various lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetics, hypertension and high cholesterol. As you well know, physical fitness is only one component of the wellness wheel. Nutrition is vital for weight loss and wellness.

As a Certified Diet Free Life Coach you offer support, encouragement, accountability and simple nutrition solutions for sustainable weight loss. As a Diet Free Life Coach you are provided with a curriculum to guide people through a proven 8 week one-on-one weight loss system. Clients pay rates of $449 to $749 depending on your demographic. We provide you with everything you need to have a successful coaching business.

As a profession you can earn well over $100,000 as a Certified Diet Free Life Coach. You set your own hours and as part of your certification you receive a proven system that makes coaching easy for you to help others customize food they love to their unique metabolism, lose weight weekly, improve personal wellness and live a diet free life.

Once you are certified as a Diet Free Life Coach you can begin the profession of offering customized NUTRITION PLANS and LIFE coaching strategies that make weight loss easier for anyone wanting to lose 5, 15 and over 200 pounds.


  • All of your training takes place online and by phone with Robert Ferguson.
  • Once your register to become a Certified Diet Free Life Coach you are scheduled to meet with Robert Ferguson by phone.
  • You are mentored by Robert Ferguson and provided the tools, support and coaching to build your brand and practice as a Certified Diet Free Life Coach.


The Diet Free Life Coach Certification is a premier self study course that integrates a comprehensive food, fitness and mindset training program for for you to become educated and skilled in helping others maximize fat loss and establish the lifestyle habits to live diet-free (keep the weight from coming back). Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life Coach Certification is composed of your completing three online research assignments, helping five people achieve their weight loss goals over a 8 week period and being current with your CPR training.

As a Certified Diet Free Life Coach you have access to working within the Diet Free Life movement and its partnerships with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. The opportunity and platform provided to you as a Diet Free Life Coach positions you to excel in the growing trillion dollar business of wellness.


For anyone wanting to help others live their best life. Ideal for the new and seasoned professional of fitness, nutrition or life coach wanting to offer credible nutrition coaching to individuals and groups. The main requirement is that you have the heart of a teacher and a sincere desire to benefit others.

  • Participants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Participants must be a graduate of high school or have acquired the equivalent.
  • CPR certification required prior to certification being issued.


The course is $1,000.00. You have six months to complete the course and mentoring with Robert Ferguson. Payment plans are available upon request. Call (805) 642-8440 to make payment arrangements.

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