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Private Group Coaching with Robert Ferguson
Robert Ferguson Group Coaching


  $50.00/1 payment per month

Price: $50 per month

Product Code: 2222

To Qualify for Private Group Coaching with Robert Ferguson you must be 18 years of age, have access to the Internet and be willing and able to report your weight weekly, participate in a weekly coaching session and embrace nutritional and lifestyle habits that both help you achieve your desired weight loss (and body composition) and avoid gaining the weight back.

Private coaching with Robert Ferguson is normally $1500 a month. With this Group Coaching program you pay only $50 a month for the first three months and then only $24.99 a month.

Over the years we have learned that our coaching model works and making it affordable has helped thousands achieve outcomes that are sustainable. This is the same coaching model that resulted in over 80% retention and 100% success with weight loss, improvement with BMI and body composition and an increase in nutrition intelligence (based on the Healthy Eating Index).

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to eat all types of foods in fat burning combinations
  • How to avoid diet pitfalls and cravings that have you feeling deprived and guilty
  • How to eat to get the most out of your exercise and fitness efforts
  • How to stop the diet yo-yo (roller coaster) and embrace a lifestyle
  • How to lose weight during peri- and post-menopause
  • How to keep yourself engaged (motivated) both during the weight loss and after you've reached your goal
  • How to feel confident with your nutrition decisions to include eating while traveling, dining out, on-the-go and in challenging situations

Once You're in the Group

  • You get daily accountability + support + guidance from someone who has a proven track record and is committed to helping you reach your goals
  • You get support and professional coaching during the moments when your progress stalls or you find yourself sick and when life becomes distracting (it happens)
  • You get progressive coaching that means you move at your pace
  • You must show up and be committed. This is not a boot camp type of program. It will be fun, educational, and doable.

"Having Robert Ferguson on retainer as my nutritionist has not only helped me to lose weight but also keep from gaining it back. This man keeps you informed and excited to live a diet free life. It's been nearly 10 years and after losing over 80 pounds, I can't imagine going backward."
- Julia Gregory, 61 years of age

Getting Started
Once you register you will be contacted by either Robert Ferguson or one of our Certified Diet Free Life Coaches.

Once we make the initial contact you'll be given a Metabolism Profile questionnaire that helps us personalize your program based on your specific goals, nutritional likes and dislikes, fitness level, age, health and body composition.

If you choose to exercise, which is not mandatory, you will be given general guidelines and recommendations. You will also be encouraged to work with a certified fitness training to ensure you are exercising with proper form and technique.

Once You're Signed Up
Once you register, Robert Ferguson or one of our staff will contact you directly to help you establish a baseline. If for any reason you decide not to move forward with the program, you will immediately be removed (cancelled) and not liable to pay for the first three months. Because of the initial time (consultation), the
initial registration fee of $50 will not be refunded.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What can I expect from this program?
Answer: Robert Ferguson and his team of Certified Diet Free Life Coaches will provide you with a personalized nutrition and fitness plan that helps you both lose weight and keep it off. You get weekly support and accountability that is proven to help with both weight loss and keeping the weight from coming back.

Question: Will I be working directly with Robert Ferguson?
Answer: Yes. Your initial meeting will be with Robert Ferguson over the phone. He will conduct an interview and put together your initial program. Then, each week you will provide Robert with your weight and body fat percentage when possible. You will also have direct access to Robert and his team via text messages, email and phone calls.

Question: How does the group coaching work?
Answer: Each week you are provided with a variety of days and times to join in on exclusive meetings with those in the Private Group Coaching. If you are not able to attend the live meetings, the replay will be made available to you to watch and listen to at your convenience.

Question: Why does the price go from $50 to $24.99 after three months of being in the Private Group Coaching?
Answer: On average, exclusive coaching like this can cost in excess of $1500 a month to work with Robert Ferguson. We've created a program for everyone to have access to private coaching at an affordable rate. Also, when you participate in exclusive groups like this, the benefits are often better than one-on-one. After the first three-months, you move into what we consider as maintenance/thriving phase. The weekly accountability and updates made available through Robert and other Certified Diet Free Life Coaches practically guarantees you experience ongoing success.