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  Pay It Forward Starter Kit
Pay It Forward Starter Kit

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For years Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life Methodology has helped thousands of people lose weight and now, FINALLY, there is a new program that does not cost you anything. With your Start Kit you receive a complimentary Pay It Forward Guidebook and Pocket Guide in addition to five additional for those you sponsor once you're successful.

There is a one time fee of $19.97 (plus shipping) for the Starter Kit. Please understand that this is not a challenge. As you will learn below - once you are sponsored you will get daily support from your sponsor, and after you are successful you will be able to pay it forward and help others. Read on ...

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IMPORTANT (One Time Fee)

The one time fee is the only fee you pay. This fee is your commitment to helping at least five people. In your Starter Kit you receive enough material for five people to be sponsored and mentored by you once you complete the eight-week program. Again, there are no additional fees.

Here's The Deal

After careful thought Robert Ferguson came to the conclusion that to make the biggest impact - he must remain true to the integrity of God's gift. That's Robert's ability to inspire, motivate and provide a sensible, realistic and practical method for reducing one's waistline, expanding one's lifeline and living diet-free for life.

The way Robert sees it, "With a village you can create change that is lasting. The village I am referring to is made up of individuals and communities that come together to create a realistic, simplistic and practical way for losing weight without the negatives of traditional dieting."

With this program you are going to learn how to enjoy food favorites in a way that supports a healthy waistline and expanded lifeline.

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Take a couple of minutes and read the following to get a better understanding of what's in it for you and how it works:

The Promise

With the Pay It Forward program you can drop pounds weekly. Others can lose up to 30 pounds every 8 weeks!

The Uniqueness

With this program you learn how to eat the food you love. How? Through our Diet Free Life Methodology you learn how to combine proteins, fast carbs, slow carbs, condiments and fats in a way that jump starts your metabolism and puts you on the fast track to releasing unwanted body fat. You also learn how to eat fast food, fine dining, vegetarian, frozen entrees and subsidized foods in a way that helps you maximize your metabolism, fat loss and energy. In the end, you will get the education of how to eat food and then you will be empowered to reduce your waistline and make the most of your lifeline as it pertains to food, fitness and mindset.

The Source

Robert Ferguson is the man behind the plan. Along with his staff and team of certified Diet Free Life Coaches and Ambassadors, the success support offered makes it practically a guarantee that those participating in this program is successful. As a certified nutritionist and fitness specialist with a masters in counseling psychology, Robert and his wife have personally helped thousands of people lose staggering amounts of weight. They have successfully coached celebrities, professional athletes and people of diverse backgrounds, social-economic status and cultures.

Robert currently serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medial Association and consults Fortune 500 companies. But what matters most to Robert and Krista is getting their Diet Free Life Methodology in the hands of the people. All this said, it's important for you to know that this is not a fly-by-night program or something that lacks credibility. This program and opportunity to help yourself and others is the real deal. The key however, is that you are willing to help others after you succeed. If you do not want to "pay it forward" - it would be best for you to consider enlisting the services of a certified Diet Free Life Coach or purchasing one of our products. The Pay It Forward Fat Loss program is for people who are excited about the possibility of sharing with others.

Get Involved

To get involved you must purchase your Pay It Forward Kit, which includes a total of six Pay It Forward Guidebooks and six Diet Free Life Pocket Guides. You receive a free Pay It Forward Guidebook and Pocket Guide for your personal use. The other five are for the people that you will be sponsoring.

The initial fee of $19.97 also includes your Sponsor and Ambassador Handbook, which provides you with the "how to" of sponsoring others, necessary applications and questionnaires, surveys and graduation diplomas that you will sign and provide to those you sponsor and complete the eight-week program.

Get Started

Complete your purchase of the Pay It Forward Kit and you'll receive additional information on getting started. If you have further questions feel free to email admin@dietfreelife.com or call our office at (805) 642-8440.

How Will It Work?

Once you receive your "Starter Kit" you will be given an opportunity to be sponsored by an Ambassador of the Diet Free Life Methodology. For the first 21 days you will focus 100 percent on you and only you. After 21 days you can sponsor others if your Ambassador is willing to mentor others at the time. Otherwise, you must complete the eight-week program and become an Ambassador so that you can sponsor and mentor others through the entire eight-week program.

Your "Starter Kit" will be mailed to you via US Postal Service. Everything you need to get started, sponsor and mentor others is provided in your "Starter Kit."


> Click to listen to Pay It Forward explanation!
Robert Ferguson Talks About Paying Fat Loss Forward