The 6 Day Detox Drop Kit

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6 Day Detox Drop Kit™
Robert Ferguson's Juice Cycling Program
Lose Up to 11 Pounds in Just 6 Days

"Ferguson has developed a structured plan that delivers truly wow-worthy results - women are melting 6 pounds in three days and 11 pounds in six days."
- First for Women magazine

Robert Ferguson's Juice Cycling (AKA 6 Day Detox Drop) is heart healthy, diabetic friendly, doctor approved and ideal for anyone wanting to jump start fitness, break cravings, boost metabolism, maximize fat loss, rid your body of parasites and pollutants, and cleanse the colon and liver.

Nine people who all‐together lost 100 lbs in 6 DAYS:
  • Johanni Rosa of Bristow, Virgina lost 10 pounds on the Detox Drop, and went on to lose 73 lbs, going from a size 16 to a 4 [photo to right].
  • Angela Meek of Lafayette, Indiana lost 11 pounds on the Detox Drop, and went on to lose 50 lbs.
  • Brett Hilton of Brett Hilton of Ventura, California lost 13 pounds on the Detox Drop
  • Maureen Shea of Bronx, New York lost 12 pounds on the Detox Drop, and went on to lose over 50 lbs.
  • Dr. Bernadette Anderson of Columbus, Ohio lost 11 pounds on the Detox Drop and went on to lose 100 lbs.
  • Kathy Barrett of St. Paul, Minnesota lost 13 pounds on the Detox Drop, and went on to lose over 200 lbs.
  • Jackie Brown-Dyer of Cookeville, Tennessee lost 6 pounds on the Detox Drop, and went on to lose 40 lbs.
  • Laura Luft of Camarillo, California lost 7 pounds on the Detox Drop, and went on to lose 30 lbs.
  • Claudio Siefker of Loma Linda, California lost 7 pounds on the Detox Drop
  • Thousands of testimonials not mentioned...
The Detox Drop™ helps to:
  • Refresh your body from the inside out
  • Break your addiction to sweets
  • Shake up your metabolism naturally
  • Get rid of parasites and pollutants
  • Reduce water retention
  • Eliminate toxins safely
  • Get ready for a special occasion
  • Kick-start your fitness program
The fast and easy way to cleanse and detoxify your body all while fast tracking your weight loss results! Author, nutritionist and the People's Fat Loss Coach Robert Ferguson shows you step-by-step how to use simple and natural ingredients to cleanse and detoxify your entire body, while at the same time gently – and naturally – speeding up your metabolism with two easy programs: a 3 Day Plan where you can lose up to 6 pounds, and a 6 Day Plan where you can lose up to 11 pounds. The choice is yours!
And Lose One Whole Pant Size
in just 6 Days!
Your Detox Drop Deluxe Kit includes: 1) Triple Action Detox Boost 2) Aloe Vera Juice with Acemannan 3) Psyllium Husks (Hulls) AND 4) Full-color Guidebook with Smoothie and Food Plan Options
Full-color Guidebook includes:
  • Easy, step-by-step Instructions to help maximize results
  • Handy, quick reference Shopping List
  • At-a-glance Action Chart for each daily step of the Detox
  • Delicious Recipes that keep you energized, motivated and satisfied
  • Do's and Don'ts for maximizing a liver and colon cleanse
Optional Instructional Audio CD includes:
  1. Doing the Drop: Robert Ferguson explains to you the "How's" and "Why's" of doing The Detox Drop™ including how and why, unlike other cleanses, on The Detox Drop™ you drop fat and help preserve your all-important lean muscle tissue.
  2. During the Drop: Step-by-step Robert Ferguson walks you through a day of The Detox Drop™. He covers the details of the cleansing ritual, and smoothies and snacks. Robert also shares alternatives to how to perform the Detox Drop when you don't have access to a blender and more.
  3. After the Drop: The Detox Drop™ doesn't leave you hanging once you're done, and Robert Ferguson shows you exactly how you can continue dropping even more pounds without restrictions and deprivation.
  4. On The Detox Drop™, you will:
a. Cleanse and detoxify your liver, colon and intestines
b. Kick-start your fat loss to drop pounds and inches fast
c. Break your addiction to sweets
d. Boost your energy and vitality level
"I never felt weak. The Detox Drop did wonders for my sleep schedule as well. I dropped 7 pounds in the 3-Day Plan of the Detox Drop."
- Tami L.
"I dropped 8 pounds with the Detox Drop and was quite surprised how easy it was to follow and how full I was!"
- Summer M.
The Special Cleansing Products and Ingredients that come with the Detox Drop™ Deluxe Kit include:
  • Psyllium Husk (Hulls) made with Organic Acid Complex
  • Aloe Vera Juice contains Acemannan at a concentrate of 15%
  • Triple Action Detox Boost™ which includes Cascara Sagrada, Chlorophyllin and iSabi (Nature’s Master Switch to Wellness)
  • Maybe you've never detoxified before or you're due for a seasonal refresher – maybe you just want to feel healthier – or maybe you want to jump start your weight loss program. Whatever your goal, The Detox Drop™ will show you how to get results that you can see and feel… all in less than a week!
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