Conquering The Munchie Monster by Robert Ferguson

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THE FIRST BOOK TO GIVE YOU THE BLUEPRINT TO WIN AT WEIGHT LOSS. Whether you are a businessperson, a stay at home mom, an athlete, or simply someone who is tired of dieting, Conquering the MUNCHIE MONSTER shows you how to win at weight loss without experiences the negatives of dieting.

"Robert offers more than a 'diet' - he offers you quick results along with a lifestyle where you don't gain the weight back." - Kathy Barrett, Age 44

"I laugh when I think about how easy it was to lose the weight and never feel like I was dieting." - Jeff Johnson, Age 36

"Conquering the Munchie Monster is the first book that describes clearly and in detail how to use the best tools of self-help and personal growth to reach your desired weight and maintaining it." - Hans Bloem

In Robert's 21-Day "Cause and Effect Induction" you get on the fast track to getting the results you want. Step-by-step... Ferguson walks you through what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how to stay motivated.

As you master your motivation in Conquering the MUNCHIE MONSTER Robert provides you with a plan - the triangle to weight loss - where you integrate healthy nutrition with fitness made simple and the psychology to outwit that inner voice of temptation.

Whether you are a business person, a stay at home mom, an athlete, or simply someone who is tired of dieting, Conquering the MUNCHIE MONSTER shows you how to win at weight loss and continue to stay on top of your game to become a weight loss success story!

Healthy Beat magazine called Robert the "guru" of weight loss.

Los Angeles IN magazine says Robert is going to change the face of how people lose weight.

Robert made a name for himself in the world of professional boxing where he has helped athletes lose up to 20 pounds in a week and STILL be strong and full of energy.

After 20 years of coaching top professional athletes, celebrities and everyday people, Robert Ferguson has concluded that your ability to control your thinking and your emotions largely determines the quality of your health, well-being and desired weight.

Robert Ferguson who is a respected voice of weight loss through healthy living says, "Winning at weight loss is not simply knowing what to eat and how to exercise, but discovering how to control your emotions by mastering your habits of thought." Ferguson is also the #1 Nutrition and Conditioning Coach to top ranked elite boxers on HBO, Showtime, ESPN and The Contender.

Far from a typical diet book, Conquering the MUNCHIE MONSTER offers something different the real secret to winning at weight loss according to Ferguson. Based largely on the philosophy of Chinese military strategist and reputed author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu, Ferguson believes that the weight loss battle is often lost in the mind. In this book, Ferguson teaches how to win the weight loss war by gaining control of your thoughts.

Professor Diane R. Gehart, Ph.D., LMFT said this after reading the book: "Conquering the MUNCHIE MONSTER is quite simply the best and most comprehensive book on the subject of weight management and diet-free living. Robert Ferguson brilliantly combines cutting-edge knowledge on health and weight/fat loss with a masterful application of psychological principles related to motivation and behavioral change to produce a guaranteed winning approach to weight management. These are the weight loss answers we have all been looking for. This is a must read for anyone ready to get off the diet roller coaster and find a simple, life-long system that actually works."

Ann K. Alcock, founder and publisher of Your Health Connection Magazine said: "Robert Ferguson has managed to take the mystery out of weight loss once and for all! In his latest book, Conquering the MUNCHIE MONSTER, Robert clearly lays out the easy-to-follow steps to achieving personal goals for a fit and healthy lifestyle without the limitations of fad diets. This is truly a must read for people who are done with the yo-yo diet nightmare and want a lifetime of positive results."

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