The Carb Threshold Solution
The Carb Threshold Solution

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If everyone ate the exact same meals and snacks (even fat burning meals and snacks) - some will continue to lose weight and others will experience a weight loss stall. WHY? Because our bodies (metabolism) are unique and some people lose weight BEST when they eat a different balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat calories.

Robert Ferguson created The Carb Threshold Solution after successfully helping thousands of people lose weight with his books, the Diet Free Life System, and the Food Lovers Fat Loss System that he co-developed. He discovered after substantial research that after the initial weight loss (regardless of the method), some people basically stop losing weight. Considerable research showed the solution was simple: we all have a unique metabolism and depending on our individual response (blood glucose, insulin) to food, the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat calories differ when the goal is to maximize weight loss.

Ferguson is not a believer or supporter of conventional diets that deprive and restrict our freedom to enjoy food. However, with the first goal being to lose weight, a vehicle was needed and it's called The Carb Threshold Solution.

This is not a book. It's not a product that includes DVDs, CDs and materials you have to dig through. It's not something you download. It's a scientific method for customizing your carb threshold. The Carb Threshold Solution removes any guess work. It's great for athletes, figure contestants, type 2 diabetics and anyone wanting a weight loss plan that is specifically tailored to their DNA. So there is no blaming weight loss efforts on age, medication, metabolism, being insulin resistant or having a slowed thyroid. The Carb Threshold Solution is for people wanting to get rid of stubborn body fat, lose those last 10 pounds or experience weight loss in excess of 50, 100 or more pounds.

FINALLY, there's a way to learn what your carb threshold is so you can customize the right amount of protein, carbs and fats to lose weight (belly fat) and increase lean muscle tissue.

This evidence-based approach to customize your carb threshold was created by nutritionist, author, fitness expert and one of America's leading voices on wellness and weight loss, Robert Ferguson.

Your success is measurable. In order to provide you with your carb threshold we will need your fasting blood glucose.
Once we calculate your carb threshold, we can provide you with a plan to increase your carb threshold. When you increase your carb threshold you can eat more without gaining weight. Four weeks after eating according to your carb threshold you will be able to compare your beginning fasting blood glucose and see the improvements.

Knowing your carb threshold is ideal for anyone having difficulty losing weight (belly fat), those that are insulin resistant, and those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Knowing your carb threshold makes fat loss easier for runners, fitness (figure) competitors, mothers wanting to get rid of baby weight and those feeling that they've done everything and nothing seems to be working.


With your purchase of The Carb Threshold Solution program you will get your Carb Threshold Index, which is the number that determines the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat calories for you. With your "Custom Coaching" you also receive the following:

  • 4 Weekly Coaching Calls with a Diet Free Life Coach
  • Nutrition Plan Customized to Your Carb Threshold
  • Grocery List Customized to Your Carb Threshold
  • Exercise Recommendations
  • Weekly Weigh-ins, Review and Recommendation


Once you register for The Carb Threshold Solution we will contact you and provide you with the steps necessary to customize your carb threshold.
If you have questions, feel free to call our office at 1-805-642-8440.

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